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Best Rated NEC Phone compatible headset reviews


Best Rated NEC  Dterm Series  Phone compatible headset reviews.

NEC Headset

Are you looking for a good quality and durable headset for your NEC Dterm Series phone? Here at headsetplus .com there are both corded and wireless headsets that work great with these NEC Dterm Series models NEC Elite, NEC Dterm Series i, NEC Dterm IP, NEC Dterm Elite, NEC Series E models DTP-8, DTP-8D, DTP-16, DTP-16D, DTP-32, DTP-32D, DTU-8, DTU-8D, DTU-16, DTU-16D, DTU-32, DTU-32D, DTH-8, DTH-8D, DTH-16, DTH-16D, DTH-32, DTH-32D, DTL-8LD, DTL-12D-1, DTL-24D, DTL-32D, DTR 8, DTR 8D, DTR 16D, DTR 16LD, DTR 32D, NEC DSX (22B, 34B) Phones, NEC Aspire, NEC i-Series, Dterm Series III. Univerge , DT300 series, DT310, DT330, DT700 series – DT730, DT750, UX5000 DG-12e, DG-24e, DG-32e, IP-12e, IP-24e, IP-32e, IP-CTS. Here are some of the top rated headsets that work well with the NEC phones. Lets take a look at some of the top sellers and rated headstes by customers for NEC compatible headsets

  • (1) The Jabra Biz 1500 Mono Direct NEC Headset…… At the price of $84.95 you can get this most affordable headset. Having most of the features a top of the line headset has makes Jabra Biz 1500this a top seller for customers. This headset comes in a bundle with the Jabra certified NEC adapter cord which allows it to be used with the NEC phones. Among this it also has a complete noise cancellation which makes it a great quality to reduce unwanted background noise. A quality many customers find very eye-catching. It is very popular head set for companies that need large quantities for all of the agents working. This headset is a good investment having a 2 year warranty allowing you to get a new headset if it fails in 2 years.
  • (2) Plantronics PW510 Polaris Noise Canceling Headset….. Starting at  $114.95 this quality headset is the standard of a good headset for all day comfort. Being the replacement of the veteran H251. Plantronics PW510 Polaris Noise Canceling HeadsetA quality customer’s are fond of as it decreases the listeners fatigue. Included with the headset is the Plantronics NEC cable needed to be connected to headset ready phones. Its designed for demanding environments that you can where all day. This also includes the same 2 years warranty as the previous but with a wide band audio many customers prier this headset for the clarity and improvement in speech as well as the all day wearing comfort makes this a top seller for our customers.
  • (3) Plantronics PW520 Polaris Bin-aural Noise cancelling headset…. At a price of $139.94 the price is not as attractive as the Jabra Biz 1500. This is a double ear wearing headset as Plantronics PW520many of our customers prefer having that is designed for a busy office employee. This is designed for phones with a built in headset jack like the NEC and come with the appropriate Plantronics NEC cable for the phone. The Plantronics PW520 is very durable and light with a weight of 82g, This makes it a very desirable headset for our customers that don’t want to buy anything to heavy. It carries an adjustable fit for the wearing comfort, and also has metal joints providing great toughness and durability. Provided as well is the 2 year warranty wish makes it a great seller for customers to buy due to all it has and its durability.
  • (4) Plantronics CS540+HL10 Wireless Headset Bundle …. This headset sets the standards for a great wireless headset and price is $259.95. You can’t go wrong with this headset. In this

    package it comes with the HL10 lifter which allows you to answer the phone remotely away from your desk a feature a lot of our customers find needed. Not to mention it also has three comfort tested and customizable wearing options for our customers preference style. It has audio controls allowing you to control the volume and even put people on mute simply using your fingertips. Equated with the essential of a headset it comes with noise canceling microphone, and the voice detected DECT technology eliminates Wi-Fi interference many customers find attractive.  One key component people are keen on is that the CS540 has a user replacement battery you can replace after 2-3 years  instead of buying a whole new headset because they are very durable.  With all of these features customers can never go wrong with the purchase of the CS540.

  • (5) Plantronics Savi 8210 + HL10 Wireless Headset Lifter Bundle …. The latest addition from Plantronics on wireless headsets, comes with a noise canceling microphone which can block up to 60% of the background noisePlantronics Savi 8210 + HL10 Wireless Headset Lifter Bundle so the people on the other side of the call have a better sound quality from the user. Multi connectivity allowing you to use this headset with your NEC phone, with your computer for soft phone applications or streaming music thru it, and even pair it with your cell phone by Bluetooth that is built in to the base, making it one of the best headsets that can help you to get the best productivity at work. Having one of the best range in the market with up to 590 ft line of site with DECT technology, making it a good option for people that have to move around the office without any interference or dropping calls by the headset. This bundle comes with the HL10 lifter, allowing you to answer and end calls from the distance without having to be at your desk or even touch the phone, which is a nice feature for people needing to step away from the desk from time to time without loosing calls.

These are some of the top rated headsets for the NEC phones that are compatible. We provide many others headsets to choose from and will be happy to recommend others.  For the entire line of NEC compatible headsets Go HERE

For further assistance or questions call Headsetplus.com at 877-999-3838 and we will gladly assist or answer any questions.

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