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How to Setup Wireless Headset Training Package, Zoomswitch Training Adapter Guide

Wireless Headset Training Package

The Zoomswitch Training Adapter, is packaged together with two Plantronics Wireless headsets which allows two wireless headsets to connect to one deskphone for training purpose:

wireless headset training
wireless headset training package

the zoomswitch training adapter comes with 1 cord to plug into your phone:

This cable goes from the TEL plug on the adapter to the HANDSET port of your deskphone.

The two ports on the bottom of the adapter are for the 2 Wireless Headsets that you will be using for training.

Each Wireless headset will come with a cable that goes from the wireless headset, to the handset port of a desk phone, this cable is will be what plugs into the adapter.
Port ‘A’ should be for the main telephone, or whoever is responsible for answering and ending calls, as whoever is on switch A will have the ability to answer and end the call (if used with a remote answering device, an HL10). Its important to mention that the Zoomswitch is not EHs compatible as the telephone interface cable takes the place of any EHS in the base of the wireless headset. You can always get the HL10 Mechanical lifter and attach it to your desk phone and that would allow the remote answer, once that the trainee is well prepared and the no longer need the Zoomswitch, you can unplug the HL10 , take it off from the phone and re plug your EHS.

The buttons on the face of the Adapter will mute the appropriately labeled Headset (pushing the button Labelled ‘B’ will mute that headset)

The setting switch labelled ‘1/2’ changes the adapter from working with 1 headset, to 2 headsets or vice versa. If you are training, this will have to be on ‘2’

To test for a dial tone on both headsets, make sure ‘2’ is selected, raise the handset off of the phone and place on your desk, then turn on each headset and listen for a dial tone.

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