VXI V-Series Office Telephone Headsets

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When Jabra purchased VXi back in 2020, Jabra eliminated the entire VXi Headset line.  VXi headsets or parts are no longer available, all have been discontinued by Jabra.  See the JABRA HEADSETS instead as the alternative

VXI Professional (V-Series) Call Center solutions feature high quality noise canceling microphones for amazing sounding calls. Every headset is designed with 24/7 comfort and durability in mind. In addition to our VXI quick disconnect, Passport telephone headsets are available with VXI Plantronics compatibile (P-Series) and VXI GN Netcom compatibile (G-Series) quick disconnects. Call us directly toll-free 877-999-3838 if you have any questions on compatibility with your phone Note: VXi Headsets are being discontinued by Jabra.

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