Plantronics 590A Pulsar Bluetooth Stereo Headset *Discontinued*
Date Added: Friday 17 November, 2006
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Review: Plantronics 590A
Posted: 25 Jul 06

Bluetooth means the days of headphone cord strangulation are over. The Plantronics Pulsar 590A wireless ‘phones are the latest to enhance your mobile music experience
Upgrading from corded headphones to the wireless variety brings a sense of freedom. No more tangle, getting tied up in door handles and having to unscramble the knotted wires.

Sure you could level that the pairing process is fiddly but once you’re up and running the experience is liberating – although it does take a while to stop looking out for the wires. Luckily, Mobile Choice is used to this wireless feeling and following on from last month’s Jabra BT640s, we welcome the Plantronics Pulsar 590A.

The 590A adopts a standard headband grip instead of the more trendy neckband, giving it an audiophile quality. The comfort isn’t affected and some will find this design more sturdy and natural. The band is adjustable while the foam-coated cans nestle neatly on the lugholes.

Every time you second guess the pairing procedure, it outfoxes you. The 590A has a different ritual involving the on/off switch so consult the manual before embarking. Once you’ve licked it, pairing with your phone or adapter is straightforward.

All the operation controls are located on the right-hand headphone with pairing/call answer and play/stop sharing the large centre button. The outer circle is divided into four parts for track skipping and volume controls buttons. Once you become accustomed to the button positions, operation will become second nature.

We hooked up the 590A with a Samsung D600 and the sound quality was clear with dollops of bass drive and volume. A dynamic performance all told. As with all the Bluetooth stereo headphones on the market, the music is interrupted for incoming calls. But unlike the Jabra BT620s and Motorola HT820, the omnidirectional microphone for making conversation is not built-in. Instead you’re asked to extend the telescopic microphone and while this makes for perceptive call quality, it’s not the coolest of looks.

At £99, the 590A may be expensive but for the price tag you get a tidy charging stand, robust carry case, a USB charging cable and a Bluetooth adapter that connects to your PC, laptop, MP3 player and stereo via a 3.5mm jack.

For pure musical performance, the 590A excels. It’s spoilt a little by the extended microphone fandango but get over this and you’ll get a sound wireless musical experience.

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